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The boys over at Ninja Burger and we have decided to support each others' sites. Be on the look out for their forthcoming Ninja Burger Role Playing Game.


In the fall of 1995, my friend sven and I went to a laundromat because I needed to do laundry. They had the usual small stack of candy/toy vending machines. Upon closer investigation, we discovered that one of the machines held a unique treasure. Although the advertisment picture on the front of it promised Mighty Morphin Power Rangers items, the contents were actually little rubber ninjas. Thus began the saga of the little rubber ninjas.

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how to obtain a ninja

We have only spotted the ninjas in two locations. The first was the laundromat. The other was a WalMart. Both of these locations are situated in Rolla, MO USA.
As of September 1996, the Rolla Wal Mart no longer has a ninja machine.
As of December 1996, the laundromat also no longer carries the ninjas.

The machine at the laundromat had a bubble pack of a couple of ninjas in the front. It also had some MMPR stickers arranged around the front. Inside were bubbles with ninjas and bubbles with MMPR stickers. There were also some Wile E. Coyote magic eye stickers.

ninja cost

The cost of each ninja is 25 cents. The final cost, though, is slightly more than this due to less than perfect ninja efficiency.

ninja efficiency

we have not done an actual case study on this subject, but i can give out an approximation from personal experience. The usual output of ninjas varies from 30 to 50% of the input. It has been known to creep to 90 - 100%, but not very often.

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the ninja comes in 6 different colors and 6 different poses, giving 36 different types of ninja. Below are listed the possible colors and poses.

the ninja necklace

The most popular form of the ninja is the ninja necklace. These can be fabricated fairly cheaply. Here are the steps to make one:

    making your ninja necklace

  1. buy a ninja
  2. buy a pack of very small eye screws
  3. buy a length of thin black nylon cord
  4. screw the eye screw into the ninja's head (he won't mind)
  5. cut a length of cord (about 3-4 feet i think)
  6. put the cord through the eye screw
  7. tie the cord into a knot
  8. put it on or give it away

the gift of the ninja

One of the most fulfilling actions is the gift of the ninja. For fun, I will make up a load of ninja necklaces (about 6 to 10 at a time, depending on the ninja efficiency. I will then go to a party (or wherever I plan to be that night). If someone admires my ninja (presently a yellow nunchuka), I will offer them their very own. Invariably, they will be delighted about the gift. I myself feel that I have passed on the power of the ninja to yet another worthy owner.

One must be careful about who is given the ninja. You do not want the ninja to fall into the wrong hands or to come to any harm. Be selective.

imitation ninjas

Recently, in my search for more ninja sources, I came upon a blasphemous sight. A ninja machine with imitation ninjas. This false machine was encountered at the KMART in High Ridge, MO (near St. Louis). These ninjas, at first glance, look pretty similar. But upon closer inspection, one can easily see that these ninjas are fake. First of all, the ninja bodies are thicker. They look almost as if they are overweight. Second, the ninjas are not as realistically posed. The one fake that I have looks as if he has no bones in his one leg, as it is bent in strange positions. Finally, the ninja weapons are confusing. One can not tell what they are. First of all, they are white. No weapon, especially for a ninja, is white. Secondly, the one that I have (I have a total of 2), seems to be holding a toothbrush.

The Ultimate List of Ninja Owners

hopefully i will be able to get everyone on this. send me email if you know of someone who should be on this list.

[yellow nunchuka]
if you have any stories or observances on the power of the ninja, let me know.

ninja pictures (scanned at TIC)

Orange Throwing Stars
Black Weeny Swords
Black Squat w/ Knife (hooked)
Orange Ninja Bubble
Blue fake Ninja
Red Power Ranger
Black Fake Ninja (toothbrush)
Yellow Nunchuka
Pink Grappling Hook

(and i think most of them are me when i work on it)

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